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Idea Box

IDEA BOX is a set of tools that will enable every person with an idea to start implementing it. It helps to clarify your own motivation, validate your idea with customers and enter the market. Available in B2B and B2C versions (only in Czech).



A platform that connects startups, investors and companies. Startups will learn to proceed correctly and connect them at the right time to the right partners. This helps them being better prepared for investment, saving the investor's time and money.



A content creator software that enables you to enrich your video with product details by automatically processing images and recognizing objects in your video. This increases user experience and subsequent sales.



An application that allows employees to book a place in any Prague coworking space with one click. And coworking center operators can fill times with little occupancy.



Independent mobile tariff finder. Everyone can choose a tariff according to their preferences and order online without having to enter personal information or calling anyone.

Comming soon


A platform that will find a fair car service and arrange everything you need - communication, taking the car to service and paying. All in a few clicks. It will save mechanics time with information gathering and cost estimation.



An app that helps improve relationships between people by helping to maintain a genuine interest in others. It is a proactive contact aggregator that remembers important information about people for you and highlights news from their lives.


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