Innovation prototyping

Helping with ideas
Market screening and verification
Designing prototypes
Come ideas to life

How? FAQ

We can help you when…

… you are drowning in operations and you are unable to create innovative new ideas.
… you are lacking the capacity to implement innovative projects.
… you are launching unverified projects on to the market.
… your proposed solutions simply take too long.

What we can help you with

Ideation phase


We’re not reinventing the wheel. Great ideas are probably already in your heads. Together, we can bring them out to the surface during the moderated workshops and thought one of our playful sessions.



Only some ideas are rentable on the market. We seek potential customer problems and their solutions for which users will be willing to pay. Verification within weeks, not months.



The more effective the solution the better, that’s why we’re creating more prototypes and comparing them to each other. The best solution wins. In data and iterative feedback we trust.



By developing minimal versions of the products piece by piece and acknowledging user feedback. Joining the market as soon as possible and bypassing the lengthy development process.

Our way

  • 1) We generate ideas together with you.
  • 2) Killing ideas one by one untill only the viable ones are left.
  • 3) Designing prototypes. Getting feedback iteratively. In data we trust!
  • 4) Creating minimal product and shooting it onto the market. If it’s working, we can boost it in a bigger way than ever before!
  • 5) Added value is all of the ideas we haven’t had thanks to market research and feedback. Saving effort, time and resources for the next idea.


We can deliver quality outputs within just a few days. We are primarily executives with deep knowledge of IT, UX and design. We do not use PowerPoint presentations or stick papers all over the walls. We transform ideas as soon as possible into a meaningful prototype that we confront the users and the market with it. No obstructions or unnecessarily expensive processes.
We are leaning on Design thinking, which we see as a philosophy rather than a methodology. Our own verification process is based on the Deming cycle. We respect the principles of Agile and Lean Start-up. Our designs are always Experiment & Feedback driven. We do not think that the entire Sprint Design can be effectively applied to the Czech market, but we would like to help with some of its methodologies for working with clients. We also like the Blue Ocean Strategy, Kaizen and, last but not least, User Centred Design. And yes, you really are asking us a lot, this is not a cheap SEO attempt 🙂
We have only been on the market for a few months. So far, we have been executing first orders, for example, for ČSOB or Economia. We have ten years of experience on large projects for Škoda Auto, O2, Fortuna, Allianz, Dr. Max and Datart. We would like the chance like to introduce ourselves more personally.