Verifying the meaningfulness of ideas

In weeks and a fraction of the total cost, we will design a new product and bring clear data on whether their implementation is worthwhile.
What clients say about us?

Collaboration with Outboxers got us out of the box, we have received feedback across the borders of our HQ and people we would not have been able to easily get. At the same time, we have acquired competencies that we did not have. Specific outputs have helped me with my stakeholders to understand what we have created. And we got their support.

Case study >
Jan Sechovec
Head of Advanced
Technologies and Prototypes

A well-built online proposition and explainer is better than 1,000 words, hours of meetings and mutual explanations. Consolidated international validation of critical hypotheses, including the product-market-fit with the enthusiasm and speed at which the Outboxers have grasped it, is something we would be doing purely internally, barely able to do so, and at minimum it would take us a little longer.

Case study >
Tomáš Žďára
Team Lead, Advanced
Technologies & Prototypes
Česká spořitelna

“Working with Outboxers is great because it really helps us to think” out of the box. “Not only did they help us with the marketing campaign, they also found out if what we had invented was life-capable and if people were interested.”

Case study >
Petr Biskup
FintechCloud &
API Premium specialist

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We can help you when…

… you are drowning in operations and you are unable to create innovative new ideas.
… you are lacking the capacity to implement innovative projects.
… you are launching unverified projects on to the market.
… your proposed solutions simply take too long.

What we can help you with

Ideation phase


We’re not reinventing the wheel. Great ideas are probably already in your heads. Together, we can bring them out to the surface during the moderated workshops and thought one of our playful sessions.



Only some ideas are rentable on the market. We seek potential customer problems and their solutions for which users will be willing to pay. Verification within weeks, not months.



The more effective the solution the better, that’s why we’re creating more prototypes and comparing them to each other. The best solution wins. In data and iterative feedback we trust.



By developing minimal versions of the products piece by piece and acknowledging user feedback. Joining the market as soon as possible and bypassing the lengthy development process.

What clients say about us


We are fast. Within 2-4 weeks we will bring tangible and proven outputs that will be understood by both the current customer and the top corporate representatives. Our work is not based on anonymous surveys, but on a deep understanding of people and their problems. We have psychologists in the team who can reveal end customers inner motives.  
Our work speaks for itself. Take a look at our case studies or independent and detail reviews from our clients. What do our clients value the most after our outputs? We can put your internal team into use and motivate them to improve. Most importantly we bring added value and real support, not just pretty pictures 🙂
We do not hold on to bad ideas. If the idea does not make sense, we will quickly kill it based on feedback and data. However, if a client comes to us with the great idea, they would get a proven proposition, fine-tuned customer experience, marketing and business strategy, on-boarding and first paying customers. This means if idea proves to be good our clients will have a running business by the end of the project.