Our vision

It is said that you are only as good as the people around you.
Therefore in order to develop you need to put yourself in the right environment.
We believe that business in the Czech republic is moving in the right direction. Thanks to this we are open to the opportunity to stand on our own two feet and find success on the market. We appreciate this and want our business to have a wholly positive impact on (and not only) Czech society and the economy.
Our long-term vision is to actively contribute to Central Europe, becoming an industry leader in innovation, the emergence of new businesses and growth of mindset for all of the wonderful people in the region. 

We will actively pass on the following principles:

We are open to the world

There are amazing centers around us such as Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna or Bratislava. It is a big world after all.

We are looking for feedback

We share our ideas, discuss them and actively disagree with them.

We are always thinking win-win

We believe that all parties should benefit. Innovation will never rise to the detriment of someone else.

We welcome changes and are not afraid of mistakes

Errors are desirable. We are not afraid to create and improve.

We think long-term

We do not make agreements for the sake of it. We are not selling our souls.